About us

Who we are

Inka Fresh grows, processes, and exports high quality vegetables, herbs and spices from the highlands and rainforests of Peru. Founded in 2004 we have continually expanded our operations mainly in North America and are now targeting to expand or operations in Europe.

What we do 

We distribute organic and natural food ingredients to consistently meet market expectations, our product range consists of ginger, turmeric, lucuma, thyme, sweet potato, quinoa, oregano and rosemary among others. We have two processing plants, one in the heart of the Peruvian rainforest in Satipo and one in the highlands of Peru in Cañete where we find the ideal climate conditions for each of our product offerings. In each processing plant we carefully select and process our products to our client’s specifications. 

What is our philosophy 

Here at Inka Fresh we aim to access international markets and promote our product range from Peruvian origin while maintaining close relationships and constant communication with our farmers, suppliers and clients to ensure the highest quality and on time delivery of our products.